Not everything is just a dish

Discover our dishwashers 400 series

Not everything is just a dish

Discover our dishwashers 200 series
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Treat your crockery to the dishwasher it deserves. Our dishwashers 400 series and 200 series provide clear communication via their TFT displays, as well as handle-free push-to-open doors, projection of the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor and clever loading options for large and precious items. Additionally the 400 series offers a backlit interior that softly illuminates your pristine dishes and Zeolite technology for improved drying performance. This is dishwashing with care and efficiency.

400 series

Liberal with space, powerful and quick, this series of dishwashers is also smart, offering a multitude of washing options, diffuse lighting, a flexible basket system and Home Connect. Zeolite technology enhances drying and decreases the energy consumption.

200 series

Meticulous, careful and clever, the dishwashers 200 series out-perform expectations. Fully integrated or with the control panel on view, this series boasts six programmes, with three adjustable options. The range also contains models offering intelligent technology with Home Connect, integrating your appliance with your smart home system.

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