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dishwashers 200 series basket

Outperforming expectation

dishwashers 200 series smooth running rails

Outperforming expectation

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Dishwashers 200 series

Meticulous, careful and clever, the dishwashers 200 series out-perform expectations. Fully integrated or with the control panel on view, this series boasts six programmes, with three adjustable options, such as Power and Intensive. The range also contains models offering intelligent technology with Home Connect, integrating your appliance with your smart home system.

dishwashers 200 series smooth running rails and flexible basket

Your precious glasses and crockery are cleaned and cared for: gently gliding in and out on smooth running rails. Most models offer a flexible basket system, folding spines, adjustable upper basket and numerous intricate adjustments, so all of your kitchenware can be accommodated.

The range also contains models offering an intelligent option. If you run the dishwasher when you’re not at home, the door opens automatically at the end of the washing cycle, decreasing humidity and making sure the dishes are aired.

All dishwashers in the 200 series have an impressive energy efficiency class of A++ or A+++. They come in different heights and widths, and you can choose between fully integrated or with the stainless steel control panel and TFT display on view. Flexible hinges are also available on some models to allow for an extra length frontage and narrow plinths to fit any kitchen.