Gaggenau and Home Connect*

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This is the beginning of the future of cooking. Aided by a digital device, the private chef can, for instance, pre-heat the oven, turn on ventilation, start the dishwasher, order accessories from the eShop, download digital user manuals and have a technician run a diagnostic check, all remotely.

Integrating into different home managements systems* ensures the kitchen remains the heart of the digital home. The private chef can ask Amazon Alexa to prepare a cup of coffee and turn on the ventilation while checking remaining time of the oven.

– Connect: Remotely control** and monitor. Enable remote diagnosis by an online technician.

– Access: Purchase accessories via eShop, download user manuals and utilise our partnering network .

– Integration: Compatible with different home management systems.*

This is just the start, explore the possibilities at

* Home Connect services are not available in every country. For further information please check:
**Not applicable for cooktops, cooktops are not intended for unattended use – cooking process must be supervised.