vario 400 series wine cabinet

Stores, protects, impresses, tempts

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Vario wine climate cabinets 400 series

These wine climate cabinets offer a choice of pull-to-open or handleless push-to-open function, as well as finishes with glass doors framed in either the kitchen’s furniture material or in stainless steel. An interior of stainless steel with fully extendable, oak and anthracite aluminium bottle trays, keep the precious contents safe and enhance the presentation. Up to three independent climate zones are controlled via the intuitive TFT touch display, while humidity is maintained at a specified setting. Aromas and vibrations, which could harm your wine, are minimised by a low vibration motor and activated charcoal air filter.

vario 400 series wine cabinet lighting detail

A choice of five pre-set lighting scenarios using warm white, glare-free LEDs further help to present your impressive collection in a flattering light, whilst the special glass door shields the wine from UV damage.

vario 400 series wine cabinet refrigerator freezer combination
vario 400 series wine cabinet fridge freezer combination