vario cooktops 200 series gas cooktop induction cooktop appliance cover

Where space may be limited, culinary ambitions should not

vario cooktops 200 series gas

Where space may be limited, culinary ambitions should not

flex induction cooktops 200 series with griddle plate

Where space may be limited, culinary ambitions should not

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Cooktops Vario 200 series and 200 series

The modular Vario 200 and single 200 series cooktops are compact, understated options, flush- or surface-mounted and ranging in scale from 28 cm to 90 cm. Professional-standard technology for the private kitchen, offering intuitive controls and a minimalist, pure design. The black anodized aluminium control panel presents a contrasting surface for the radiating orange glow of the control knob, while also complementing the corresponding 200 series ovens and steam ovens. Our Vario 200 modular series includes two specialised appliances: an electric grill and Teppan Yaki stainless steel cooking surface.

vario cooktops 200 series steamer downdraft extractor induction teppan yaki

Vario 200 series

These cooktops form a more compact modular system, ranging in scale from 28 cm to 70 cm. A perfect fusion of state-of-the-art performance with intelligent design. Sitting comfortably alongside the induction and gas cooktops are the more specialised options such as the electric grill and Teppan Yaki. Matching downdraft ventilation completes the harmonious picture of matching black control panels and gently illuminated control knobs.

cooktops 200 series flex induction with extractor

200 series

A range of standalone cooktops from 60 cm to 90 cm, each with a different character – flex induction, induction, gas and glass ceramic. The flex induction cooktop enables the free placement of pans within the cooking areas as well as combining cooking areas. The integrated ventilation system removes vapour at source and all is controlled via a removable magnetic twist-pad for ease of cleaning.

The Vario 200 series choices

The 200 series choices