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fattorie dei dolfi where the sommelier training took place

Gaggenau Sommelier Awards 2018

The prestigious award is fast-becoming recognised and respected as an influential accolade for both the winner and their employer, alike.

In October 2018 Beijing will play host to the 3rd biennial Gaggenau Sommelier Awards. China’s interest in wine runs over centuries but sommelier culture is just beginning to emerge. The Sommelier Awards are part of our ambition to shape conditions and educate wine aficionados all over the world.

Gaggenau will merge precious viniculture with the impressive millennia-long cultural richness of China.

The Gaggenau Sommelier Awards 2016

Staged in the cultural capital of Vienna, the Gaggenau Sommelier Awards 2016 brought wine and coffee culture to life. Following local heats in their own countries, the finalists are brought together to compete for the coveted trophy and the role of official Gaggenau brand ambassador.

The five finalists at the Gaggenau Sommelier Awards 2016

Over two days, all five young sommeliers were faced with challenges, including tasting exams, professional competency tests and wine pairing presentations to showcase their abilities in front of an expert judging panel as well as international media.

the gaggenau sommelier awards 2016 took place at palais liechtenstein in vienna

The evening event took place in the historic venue of Palais Liechtenstein and offered the perfect backdrop for the festive evening programme that combined culinary delights with musical and architectural pleasures.

The evening opened with a recital by award-winning pianist and jury member Zhao Yinyin.

The young Austrian rising star Harald Irka plating up his creations.


At the end of two full days, German Marc Almert was elected the 2016 winner. With Gaggenau’s mission to promote the extensive knowledge invested in wine enjoyment, Marc became an international Gaggenau cultural ambassador.

A journey of the senses

Besides the Gaggenau nail trophy, Marc Almert, as the winner of the Sommelier Awards 2016, received a special training and mentoring session at one of Europe’s leading independent artisan vineyards, Fattorie dei Dolfi, Tuscany. Owner Giovanni Dolfi, mirrors the characteristics of a cultural connoisseur in the best sense, and as such, was the ideal host. As part of the training, Marc spent a day with master perfumer Sileno Cheloni at Aquaflor Firenze. Together they explored the relationship between fragrance and taste.

the gaggenau sommelier awards a journey of the senses
the gaggenau sommelier awards 2016 winner marc almert tasting wine
fattorie dei dolfi where the sommelier training took place
marc almert and master perfumer sileno cheloni at aquaflor firenze

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