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200 series coffee machine

Personalised coffee in seconds

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Fully automatic espresso machine 200 series

Our fully automatic espresso machine monitors beans and milk and a warning will appear if you do not have enough of either, so you’ll never be interrupted when preparing a beverage. This is just one of the functions on our 200 series fully automatic espresso machine that helps you create perfection.

200 series coffee machine

Fully automatic espresso machine

200 series coffee machine warming drawer

Warming drawer

Colour options

Whether you are preparing two beverages at a time or just one, making your perfect coffee is almost effortless. You can prepare every variation of espresso and milk-based drinks, as well as the classic cup of coffee, warm milk and hot water for other beverages, including tea, while saving up to eight of your personalised configurations to memory.

Meanwhile, the fixed water connection guarantees a constant supply of water, which means refilling water tanks is no longer necessary. Also, the cleaning programme can run uninterrupted as you do not need to empty the water tray. If you prefer to have a tank, the water level is monitored automatically, alongside that of the milk and coffee bean dispensers.

200 series oven and coffee machine with warming drawer and combi steam oven and vacuuming drawer in gaggenau anthracite
200 series combi steam oven with vacuuming drawer coffee machine and warming drawer and combi microwave oven and warming drawer in gaggenau silver

There is an empty grinding function that allows you to switch between different bean types while making beverages without them mixing together. You can personalise individual beverages by choosing the grinding degree, coffee strength, water temperature, size and coffee-milk-ratio then save the respective configuration to use at the touch of a button in the future. Another timesaving function allows you to brew two cups of the same beverage at the same time so no one has to wait.